"Mac OS 8.1を搭載した1991年製のMacintosh Quadraを丸ごと1つのElectronアプリにすることにしました"

Mac OS 8が、MacOS、Windows、Linuxにダウンロードしてインストールできるアプリに | 酔いどれオヤジのブログwp


Eng ver:

Does that means I can play munchies now? Been wanting the full version of that for ages

Oh, also, this should run Snood I think
Always good to have to... I should check if it runs in Wine
@coolboymew @ryecroft Oh god Snood, talk about a trip down memory lane. Windows 9x days.
@ooignignoktoo @ryecroft I discovered those two games at an Uncle's house. He had a power Mac with System 8 and a bunch of magazine free and shareware shit, it was awesome. I kinda miss that part of the web, when you'd download small weird shit all over the web

On the CDs, there were Snood, Munchies, some old Macintosh II games Unreal Tournament demo, weird stuff like "Kill Barney the Dinosaur", some weird egypt like FPS I got stuck in, some Apple II looking point and click game where there was a puzzle I didn't understand and I always died to some alien and it would crash the Mac somehow

Good times, I wish I had these CDs to try in a Virtual Machine now

Otherwise, I continued being the Shareware king with stuff like Real Arcade came out

- Crimsonland, pretty much the only surviving game of the era. Got a remake on Steam that includes the original
- Dweeb Deluxe
- Brave Dwarves
- 3D Uz (got this working in Wine! A freaking win 3.1 game lol, stopped working after vanilla XP)
- Airxonix, this 3D Qix clone actually really kickass
- Hyperspace Delivery Boy, made by John Romero, no joke. It's finally on Abandonware sites
- Fitznik kind of Adventure of Lolo and Chip's Challenge, this is pretty good
- The Incredible Machine, maybe the least obscure game here, but I discovered it in that era and I eventually bought the GoG pack

And there were a shitload of pretty decent puzzle games in that era that are practically lost in time, I remember one that was called Qbby or some similar stuff that was a puzzle game where you pushed shapes. The board was filled and you could push rows vertically and horizontally and you can to put certain parts at specific places, this was extremely difficult
@coolboymew @ryecroft

Old school mac's the most common game I played was zoombini's.

The game is now on Steam but only available in English. I know a french version existed too.
@coolboymew @ryecroft

yeah my memories of elementary school. Playing on the PowerMac G3 AIO's I still have one in my spare room. It's a dark blue one with a 600mhz PPC processor. It can play Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I want to sell it though but it's a pain to find a local buyer for these things.
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